Reassessing, Reviewing, & Releasing

I’ve been struggling still. I need to reassess my running. Review my nutrition. And finally release my failures. Much harder done than said. I have another doctor appointment and hopefully I can get some answers. I started this blog today but now I am not sure what to say!



So, I have battled my thyroid for awhile now. Last year my old doc upped my dosage from 50 to 75mcg. Then because of ONE bad test (where I admitted I wasn’t taking my thyroid med), he upped my dosage from 75 to 80. Within three days, I felt awful: maniac, crazy, hyper/hypo at the same time, wanted to eat everything and wanted to sleep yet couldn’t. After a month of begging and pleading for him to lower my dosage back down, my old doc wouldn’t listen to me. Then I decided I had to change docs. He prescribed my old dosage 75 and I felt better within a couple of days. Right now, I feel sluggish, thinning hair, no weight loss, and tired all the time. I also know that calcium and iron decrease levo uptake (and I drink coffee with milk in the morning). So, I am switching up my thyroid medicine from morning to evening. Studies have shown a better uptake of the levothyroxine at night because of no interference of foods. This morning, I already feel better but I am sure that is also because I took a long nap yesterday morning! LoL Let’s see what this does in a week or so. Oh and I went to a local natural herb location and picked up some better multivitamins and some idoine (helps with levo switch to T3). Been on it a week and feeling a bit better.
Weight-Wise: UGH 194 at work (with sweatshirt, steel toed boots, and jeans). No clue where the scale is right now at home–I believe it is still in the old house! My clothes fit ok but they are definitely not getting any loser yet. C doesn’t understand that eating a burger and fries TWICE a week is NOT going to help me lose weight. I love that he brings me lunch every day but I cannot eat like him! ARGH! We have discussed cutting back on fast food and it works for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, I suggested more sandwiches and salads from home. I could bring PB&J to work and do what i used to (eat half in the morning and half in the afternoon). Anything to decrease my calorie intake!! Ok, welp, its time for me to get changed and go running with AC!! 5 miles today around the lake–she’s much faster than me now (my weight gain has slowed me down)and I love her for going with me anyway!!


Welp, today I weighed in and lost a pound BUT I am still 23lbs higher than I was this time last year 😦 So NOT good. I cannot believe I gained some of my weight back. This obviously means what I have been doing is NOT working and I need to change things up. I started gaining weight during last year half marathon training. I also started eating out more and eating more fast food again with C. He brings me lunch every day but we do not cook much anymore. Heather’s blog showed me it is definitely possible to cook good, nutritious foods w/o a lot of hassle.
Though, minus the brussel sprouts for me haha
I have been looking in to Keto BUT from what I read, it might not be good for me with hypothyroidism. *scratches chin* I know I need to increase protein (its been way less than 20% on average). So, time to break the bad habits of eating when I get home, eating when I am not physically hungry, and cutting back on caffeine (which in turn, cuts back on artificial sweeteners).
Meal planning time with C and making him understand we have to eat healthier, plan our meals, and neither one of us is getting any younger LoL


So, 2018 is looking to be a great year. However, I need to drop weight and keep it off. I gained twenty pounds the past six months and I need to lose those pounds and more. So my friend, Heather at has inspired me to get back to this. I am looking toward 2018 though I know 2017 is not quite done yet. However, it feeds my need to plan. Lots of good stuff coming up—Hubby and I are buying a house (bigger, newer, and better). I am already signed up for the Illinois iHalf Challenge in April. The IL iHalf is a 5K the night before and a half the next day. Sometime in spring, I am going to see my brother in California–have not seen each other since I was 5. I have been asked to mentor a running group again. One group is in late spring and one group is in Fall. I have signed up for a marathon relay in May with some spark friends(totally awesome).

There is the local duathalon in July–makes me nervous because I am NO where near being able to compete on my bike. I also have my bike and trainer going but am still looking to set it up as a “smart” trainer.

Biking–the next adventure

12Oct2017 So, a couple months back, a friend let me borrow her fabulous road bike. Now she is letting me buy said bike AND a trainer so I can keep going in the winter months. How’s that for awesome?! Next year the City tri/duathalon is in July. I might actually have time to prepare for running+biking! My goal is to just finish no matter what race I decide to make my first dual. It will be epic no matter what Haha

C and I have plans to go do something this weekend. We have not really been doing a whole lot and it has me going stir crazy. So, he said “Hey, what about going down to the farm and seeing what we can get in to?” oh yeah!! Running out in the fields with the deer, coyotes, and other critters as well as playing outside all day sounds perfect!

Weather today: windy, cool, a little drizzly. Perfect day for a run! However, I need to take my car in for a flat repair (finally). So, perhaps later at home on the treadmill :o)

Running and lack of sleep

Good Morning! Today’s weather: 80F as the high–which is awesome for this region mid July!! Yesterday, I went for a short run and the humidity was just horrible.
Screenshot from 2017-07-15 05:28:46
Humidity is awful—and as a runner, it worries me. Course I am always worried before I run—> I make up worries in my head. What if I have to use the restroom and nothing is around? What if someone follows me? What if I do not bring enough water? What if I drink too much water? What if I am not as fast as I “should” be for this training run? What if I do not wake early enough to be awake for my run? What if…What if…What if…I get so tired of it! There should be an off switch for this! Then add in the fact I finally fell asleep at 10:45p and woke up 4:45. Yes, Woke up on my own without even a feline intervention surprisingly enough. Which also tells me…what if I didn’t sleep enough? Silly huh? But trying telling yourself that when you have anxiety 🙂 It is NOT easy to turn off.
So, I am going to try distraction! My nutrition has still be off and eating too much fat but my protein is getting better—super happy about my protein being higher. I aim for 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30%fat. Kind of a weird mix but I love my hard boiled eggs so I give myself some latitude. However, it probably should be 25% protein, 25% fat —carbs are a runners necessary evil. Good carbs are awesome. Bad carbs are awesome (can anyone say tortilla chips and animal crackers?!). Last time I trained for a half marathon, I gained ten pounds–not this time. Oh no way! I plan on losing weight this time around! I have eight weeks until my half marathon so I know I can lose ten pounds in that time frame. BUT….I will not beat myself up if I do not lose and just maintain.
Speaking of maintaining……Need to scale back on the junk food—C and I have been eating out more than we should lately. I love that he brings me lunch every day! It is just a great time together, eating in the car over my lunch break, giggling about silly stuff, and spending QT together 🙂 BUT…as much as I love Krekel’s cheeseburger and fries, probably ought to cut back to every other week :0)
Welp, I have about half an hour before I should head out to meet Am for a run. 6miles is my training run today! Plus, the donut run after will give me a nice cool down–one mile cool down. I doubt I want to tackle nine right now LoL but who knows!

Half Marathon Training and More

Starting to get serious on my half marathon training

Jul 7th and my Half Marathon is NINE weeks away. A mere NINE weeks!! So for the next nine weeks it is going to be running, strength training, running, yoga, biking, running and sleep. I want to beat my time from April—I believe I can do this if only by 10mins or so. I want to do this!! I also want to prove to myself I can do it again.
Mon: 5p Fun Run-Easy/Yoga
Tue: Tempo Runs
Wed: Strength Training/Yoga
Thu: Run Easy
Fri: Rest day/Yoga
Sat: Long Runs/Yoga
Sun: X-Train/ST/Yoga
Yoga will help keep me centered and flexible. Running helps calm my mind. I will also throw some biking in there somewhere. I might be training up to 3 hours on some days. So, nutrition will become another focus again.
P.S. Have I mentioned how lucky I feel every day?